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March 2022

The owner of Zoom Optical, Monica So, is nominated for the 29th and 30th annual RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards

"I am honored to be nominated for the annual RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards presented by "Women of Influence" in 2021 and 2022 by my RBC Business Account Manager who has been working with me very closely since the past 12 years from the time I opened my first location and the second store several years ago, and during the time of pandemic. It means so much to me."

Also see one of our supporters Christian Carter commented:
"If RBC does not recognize and give you this much deserved acknowledgement of all you have accomplished; I will give out one right now. You are an intelligent, passionate, compassionate and successful business woman. You treat all your customers with the greatest of respect and customer care. You have achieved and continue to grow what many should aspire to be. You are not a nominee; you are a Woman of Influence."

November 2021

Zoom Optical is certified to prescribe the Brilliant Futures MYOPIA MANAGEMENT PROGRAM

In 2050, 50% of the global population is predicted to be myopic. Itís not just the dioptric level of myopic thatís concerned of, Itís really the length of the eye The longer eye that gives rise to their future ocular pathology that leads to higher risk of uncorrectable visual impairment.

The study of the dual-focus design demonstrated a reduction in axial elongation by 52% so itís correcting vision and myopia management

November 2020

Zoom Optical is certified for MYOPIA CONTROL for children from Hoya

The world is changing and so are your childrenís eyes. With the increase in near-work activities, less time spent outdoors, multiple external and internal factors, the incidence of near-sightedness in children is on the rise.

We are proud to announce that Zoom Optical is certified to provide the latest technology in Myopia control. MiyoSmartģ is proven to curb myopia progression by up to 60% and halt myopia progression by 21.5% with its award-winning D.I.M.S. (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments) technology.

October 2020

Zoom Optical interviewed by Digital Main Street.

Digital Main Street has interviewed the Business owner, Monica So @ ZOOM OPTICAL about her value proposition and response to COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here to read the post.
July 2019

Zoom Optical @ 2019 Silmo Paris

Our visit to Silmo Paris trade show has been a fruitful trip! We are bringing some exciting collections from all over the world into Canada and canít wait for their arrival!

July 2019

Zoom Optical is now highly recommended by our customers

We cannot say thanks enough to our valued customers. It is our great pleasure to announce that Zoom Optical has received recommendations from our customers.

See one of our recommendations Eliana Pouponneau said:

"I highly recommend Zoom I have known Monica for years she is a great person,listens,and really tries her best to take care of everyones needs. Not only have I been doing business with her for 8 years now but she has become a friend as well. She is amazing "

Once again, thank you for the recognition and check out all our recommendations on Alignable.
November 2018

Zoom Optical opens the second location at Yonge and Lawrence!

Guess what, dreams do really come true... we always wanted to share our passion with more people, an extra location will definitely help fulfill our dream.

Zoom Optical is proud to announce the GRAND OPENING of our new location at Yonge Lawrence Village!

Come drop by to check our latest and unique eyewear, and enjoy a great experience with our knowledgeable Opticians and Optometrists.

Feb. 24-26, 2018

2018 MIDO Show @ Italy

Just like the past few years, Zoom Optical goes all the way to Italy to attend the yearly fashion eyewear show.
Unlike the past few years, we did not just go to the exhibition but also visited the manufacturer and experienced the manufacturing process.

The quality of the eyeglasses is guaranteed! Come by and see our new collections!

February 2018

Zoom Optical Customer Appreciation Day

We honour our loyal customers and newcomers that have been supporting us all these years. That's why we organzied a Customer Appreciation Day on February 14, 2018.

Here is the feedback from our customer Donna Dunzl:

"I am so proud of you and your dedication to your clients. You are so earnest in ensuring that all who enter your boutique are treated like royalty. Besides the fact that you have exquisite eyewear, you are a top-notch optician! This is why, Monica, you have a cult following! You decided to thank your clients by showing your appreciation of us on Valentines Day and what a beautiful gesture that was but it is we who should be truly thanking you!!! All the best Monica. Your clients love you and so do I!!!"
August 2017

Zoom Optical selected by Vision Monday

Zoom Optical is again proudly selected by a renowned optical magazine Vision Monday Magazine in the August 2017 issue.

What Are You Wearing? A simple but sensible question to all people who follow fashion trends.

Click here to read the article.
September 2016

2016 Slimo Paris

Creative diversity is at the heart of the exhibition with optical frames and sunglasses offering of over 1,200 brands. That is why Zoom Optical always travels everywhere to select the finest eyeglasses and bring them to Toronto.

Please come to Zoom Optical to pick out your latest glasses.
July 2016

Zoom Optical selected by Optical Prism

Zoom Optical is proudly selected by Optical Prism Magazine in the July 2016 issue.

Optical Prism is a renowned magazine in the optical industry for up-to-date news.

Click here to read the article (page 50).
March 23, 2016

2016 Zoom Optical Marketing Campaign - Behind the Scenes

Monica So tells you why she is so proud that Zoom Optical is a unique and high end optical boutique in Toronto.

Click here to watch the video.
October 18, 2015

2015 Gotti Switzerland Trunk Show @ Zoom Optical

Hello Zoomers! Zoom Optical has collaborated with Gotti Switzerland, a beautiful eyewear line crafted by hand in Austria and Japan.

We are having a Trunk Show this coming up Wednesday October 28th!  

Come have a sneak peak at the whole collection and enjoy a 20% off any Gotti frame at the event!

July 7, 2015

2015 Ethnia Barcelona Trunk Show @ Zoom Optical

Hello Zoomers! The representative of Etnia Barcelona, Rami is hosting a Trunk Show at Zoom Optical this coming Wednesday, July 29th from 11:00am to 6pm!

Don't miss out the exciting event to view the entire collection! See you soon! 

March 1-3, 2014

2014 MIDO Show @ Italy

Just like the past few years, Zoom Optical goes all the way to Italy to attend the yearly fashion eyewear show.
Unlike the past few years, we did not just go to the exhibition but also visited the factory plant and experienced the manufacturing process.
The quality of the eyeglasses is guaranteed! Come by and see our new collections!

January 29, 2014

Oliver Goldsmith / Clarie Goldsmith Trunk show @ Zoom Optical

The wait is over!
The 2014 Oliver Goldsmith and Clarie Goldsmith are now available @ Zoom Optical. We have invited the representative to present the latest sunglasses and eyewear. Who can resist the beautiful eyepieces from England which have been worn by many celebrities over the decades!

January 28, 2014

Zoom Optical Anniversary!

To our dearest Zoomers!
We could not say enough thank you to our customers. Zoom Optical is celebrating the 4th anniversary and is entering the 5th year. When we see our customers with a big smile on their face and our Zoom bag in their hands, we know it's gonna be a fine day. We hope to see you all again soon!

December 25, 2013

Happy Holiday 2013!

Thank you for the invaluable blessings from our customers. We wish you a Happy holiday 2013 and a Happy New Year 2014!

September 12, 2013

Wolfgang Klein on BNN

Wolfgang Klein, Vice President of Canaccord Wealth Management, publicly complimented Zoom Optical on BNN TV network when he was flattered for his good looking by the anchor Michael Hainsworth.

Click here to watch the video (at 2:10).
March 15-17, 2013

2013 International Vision Expo @ New York

International Vision Expo is another major eyeglasses show in North America. Eyeglasses designers and manufacturers around the world attend this show every year to show-off their beautiful latest eyewear collections. High quality acetate frames and light weight titanium frames are still top picks in 2013.

We have picked ours, have you picked yours?
January 28, 2013

Zoom Optical Anniversary!

To our dearest Zoomers!
Things have never been so good for Zoom Optical. We have a successful and fruitful year. It is all because of you, our happy customers! Your supports and compliments have strengthened us as one of the fastest growing luxury eyewear shops in Downtown Toronto. We hope to see you all again soon!

May 1, 2012

Zoom Optical 2012 Marketing Campaign

Zoom Optical has launched a marketing campaign in the downtown PATH area.

The ads. is located between TD Center and First Canadian Place. If you see our ads, don't hesitate to visit us!
March 2-4, 2012

2012 MIDO Show @ Italy

This year MIDO show I was happy to see several new collections from different luxury and high-end eyeglasses companies from Europe.

We have selected some wonderful pieces for our unique customers. Because of our belief in eyeglasses fashion, we want to show you eyeglasses are not only for your eyes but also a fashion status. Come by and see our new collections!
January 28, 2012

Zoom Optical Anniversary!

To our dearest customers!
Thank you to those who joined us for our anniversary event! We had a wonderful time as well as a very successful week! We couldn't be happier with the level of energy we received! It was so nice to see all the familiar faces in addition to all of the new ones! We hope to see you all again soon!
November, 2011

2011 Adidas Sunglasses Trunk Show @ Zoom Optical

Attention ski lovers!
The winter season is coming up and ski season is fast approaching...
In light of the coming festivities Zoom Optical is having an ADIDAS trunk show on

Wednesday - November 30th, 2011 from 11am - 3pm

New styles featuring advanced lens technology, antifog, antiglare, and ultimate comfort!
You definitely don't want to miss this!
October, 2011

2011 Fall sales event: Receive a FREE exquisite leather briefcase!

Zoom Optical is proud to annouce the 2011 Fall sales event. If you make a purchase of $500 or more, you will receive a FREE exquisite leather briefcase.

This is a perfect gift for friends, family and love ones for coming holidays. So hurry up before it is too late. While quantities last.

Zoom Optical: 1000 Faces. 1 Reason.

March 4-6, 2011

2011 MIDO Show @ Italy

Mido, the first and largest eyewear show in the world held annually in Milan has come to an end! Although my trip there was short, it was very rewarding.

It was my great privilege to meet face-to-face with the Salt Optics designer, David Rose, who impressed me very much with his friendly and courteous manner. It is always a pleasure to get to schmooze with the supporting team of my current suppliers; Lindberg, Barton Perriera, Mykita, Woodlook, Evolution Arts, Iyoko Inyake, Linkskin and Tom Ford among others. My goal was to have the first opportunity to view their latest styles before they launch and arrive at my store!

I have picked out a few lines that are very unique and innovative! You have to appreciate the tremendous passion these designers have for their meticulously crafted eyewear. Stay tuned for their arrival!
February 9, 2011

SALT. Truck Show @ Zoom Optical

Zoom Optical proudly presented "SALT. Trunk Show". We invited SALT. representative to market and promote the new 2011 glasses. The show received well response and customers were extremely excited!
January 28, 2011

Zoom Optical first Anniversary!

Our heartfelt appreciation to all of our customers for your support in 2010! Thank you for giving us the opportunity and trusting our professionalism without a doubt. We promise you that we will keep up our spirits to continue serving you.
January 1, 2011

Zoom Optical now on facebook!

Zoom Optical goes online again!
Like us on facebook and check out the latest eyewear news, fashion trends and promotion.
December 2010

Zoom Optical website finally launches!

Zoom Optical goes online!
See the compliments from our customers in Testimonials or check out Trends for latest eyeglasses fashion.
July 2010

Zoom Optical partners with Eyelogic Eye Exams to provide top rated eye examination services by optometrists in downtown Toronto.

EyelogicTM features the automated system that connects and combines data from opthalmic equipment to produce detailed and accurate refraction results.

Book your appointment today!
May 2010

Adidas Sunglasses Trunk Show @ Zoom Optical

Zoom Optical proudly presented "ADIDAS Trunk Show". We invited Adidas representative to market and promote the new 2010 sunglasses. Customers received extra discounts and happy home!
February 6, 2010

Zoom Optical grand opening party scheduled on February 6, 2010!

Party started at 2:00pm and lasted until 6:00pm. Many of our guests came. We drank, ate, chatted and had fun! What a ZOOM day!
January 28, 2010

Zoom Optical opens on January 28, 2010!

After a long wait, Zoom Optical finally arrived! Located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Zoom Optical provides downtowners choices of sophisticated and yet comfortable eyewear.

Zoom Optical: Zoom In the beauty of the world.