145 King Street West, Concourse Level, Toronto.      TEL 416 350 8880     FAX 416 350 8881
3080 Yonge Street (Yonge Lawrence Village), Toronto.      TEL 416 481 8882     FAX 416 481 8883
"Everything you bring in to your boutique is gorgeous and I love how much you care that your customers get a great looking pair of eyeglasses that suit them! No doubt Iíll see you again soon!"
Janelle Wellsbury
"Having tried twice last year at different opticians and at great expense to get a pair of glasses I can actually wear, I found Monika at Zoom optical. My prescription is quite complex but Monica took a lot of time to check my old glasses against the ones I couldnt wear and understand what the problem was. I picked up my new pair today and they are exactly right. Can't say how much I appreciate your skill Monika.
Thank you."
Roma Sheen
"A few weeks ago I had a glasses appointment at your Yonge and Lawrence location. I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent customer service. You and your staff helped me pick some gold and round Ray Bans and they have been wonderful.
Thanks again!"
Michael Robson
"As always, your service is second to none, and nothing less than EXCEPTIONAL ! Your outstanding dedication and commitment to delivering an exceptional client experience !
I love my new glasses and wear them with pride."
All my best
Nader Gurguis
"Thank you for all your help with my 2 pairs of glasses. Aside from being so friendly to work with, I am really pleased with your patience and explanation of the different lens types to help with my selections. The glasses are great and I will not hesitate to refer you to my friends should they have needs for prescription eyewear going forward.
Thanks again."
Raymond Koo
"Thanks for your great service and attention to detail."
David Mucci
"I was in Oakville ...wearing my sunglasses the round one. One guy stopped me asking where I got them, I gave him yours Zoom Optical! He took a picture of my sunglasses!"
Andy Lau
"We would like to take a moment to thank you our Zoomers, Lydia and Gilbert, a beautiful couple who have been with us since 2010, We love you!"
Lydia & Gilbert

"Thank you Monica for taking the time to find the perfect pair of glasses for me! I fully trust your opinions on the colours and styles that would suit me. You truly provde excellent customer service from th moment I step into your store each time! I really appreciate it!"
Irene Iseki-Isogai
"Thanks Monica, you are a gem. I want to thank you for all your help with making me look good. I really appreciate you and your service! "
Ian Murray
"Thank you for your kindness and impeccable customer service, Monica!"
Alexandra Stasuta
"Thank you Monica, the glasses are wonderful!"
Robert Mantin
"I really like my glasses and am used to them already! Thank you!"
Aaron Chan
"I was so excited to see your new branch Zoom Optical. I love the collection in Zoom Optical, so modern, unique and elegant. Since 2010, Zoom Optical was opened, me and my son and now David. We donít want to go anywhere else.

Your helpfulness and passion in your field makes it always the best experience, as You are the best."
"Best place in Southern Ontario for Prescription Sport Eyewear. Monica is awesome to work with, and it shows in her attention to detail. She is very passionate about helping her customers find the perfect frames. I love my new Rudy Project frames!

Will be back. Thanks"
Nicolas Abbott
"Thanks for your careful fitting of these very handsome, comfortable optical frames and lenses."
A happy customer
"I love the new glasses. Thanks for making it so easy and delightful. Iím excited for a new look!"
Jennifer Bender
"I had a great experience here, although I was really picky they helped me a lot and they were patient with me. I Love my new glasses.

Thanks Zoom Optical"
Elnaz Morshedi
"Monica, I adore you ! such wonderful service. Thanks for always being soo gracious and accommodating ! I absolutely love my new purchases !"
Tamara Wright
"Just finished our apt at Zoom. Our first time coming to Yonge Lawrence location. It was a wonderful experience. My husband and daughter needed to get an exam and grabbed a few pairs of glasses. We were greeted by the very nice gentleman and he was very patient, friendly and knowledgeable. We left very happy.

Monica, youíre team was amazing as always. Thank you Zoom."
Abby Gail Bernardino
"Thank you for making me see again!!"
     Ava Cuadra
"I picked up my sunglasses this afternoon on my way to the cottage. Very pleased, they are fabulous. Thanks so much! It started to rain as I got closer to the cottage but I didnít take my sunglasses off."
 Sue Miller
"How can I tell you no after such great service.!
My experience with you - "Monica takes the time to understand her client's needs and combined with her knowledge of the business and product lines available provides excellent client service and customer care"

  Barbara Taylor
Barvid Financial Services Inc.
"Můnica my red glasses. Everyone loves them in Portugal. Thank you for everything"
  Maria Pereira
"By and far the best optician and optometrist Iíve seen! They helped me pick frames that I continually get compliments on, fine tuned my prescription, and guided me to lenses that have improved my vision by 10%. On top of that, the team is incredible, truly passionate about their work and a pleasure to deal with."
 Katherine Jensen
"This is my 2nd time in a span of 3 years (leveraging benefits) that I have chosen to ask Monica and her team at Zoom Optical for their assistance. Both occasions involved me requiring a new pair of reading glasses. I happened to know exactly what I wanted my first time and Monica's store was the only store in Toronto that could deliver what I was seeking (other stores didn't even carry the brand - Barton Perreira). Monica's enthusiasm to help me get what I wanted in addition to her opinion of my choice was awesome! The process was incredibly smooth and pleasant. I had received countless compliments on this pair which had me feeling joy, especially for not giving up on what I wanted and for Zoom Optical for hooking it up!
My 2nd and very recent (this month) purchase was an event greater experience! I emailed Monica a few options of what I wanted and knew she could order in. I then went to see her so that we could further discuss my options and her opinions. When I arrived she assured me that she could easily order in any of my proposals but to try on a different brand (Gotti - Adil model) that perfectly matched the specifications of what I was looking for (I had shared additional specifications during our phone chat that didn't necessarily reflect in the photos I sent her).
I LOVED THEM! They matched every single specification I was seeking and even had a feature I didn't expect or knew existed (no nose pads)!
I gave her my OK almost immediately and rocked my new face / glasses the following week. I wear my glasses quite regularly and feel so happy putting my new pair on.
Zoom Optical isn't just another store. They truly care for your comfort and happiness and have incredible selections that aren't so mainstream. Easily my go-to spot."

 Reza Zohouri

"Thank you so much for providing us with the glasses. We are So excited to start wearing them."
   Aiishwin and Awina

"Love my glasses already. The fact that I can wear them and walk and check my phone at the same time is amazing!"
 Brendan Miller
"I've been going to Zoom Optical for years for my eye exam and glasses. Monica and her team have always taken great care of my needs. Their level of customer service is top-notch and I highly recommend them."
 Karl Mangaliman
"I have been buying glasses for years and it's usually a very straightforward experience. You pick the style, the optician fits the frame to your face and you're pretty much done. But what happens if there are issues with the product? This is where most optical stores could never compare with the incredible customer service at Zoom Optical. I discovered this small optical boutique via a Google search when I went looking for a bespoke frame that almost no one else carried in the Toronto area. The staff was immediately welcoming, helpful and attentive throughout my fitting and purchase of, what are now, my favourite pair of glasses...ever! Unfortunately, there were a few technical issues with the frame and lenses when they arrived. I mostly dealt with Monica at Zoom Optical and she was nothing short of amazing in going above and beyond to make things right. Her perfectionist drive to make things as great as possible was all the more impressive because you could actually feel her passion for making the customer happy. Ultimately everything worked out even better than expected which prompted me to write this review for a company that deserves heavy praise for their efforts. Blown away by the people, the service and the product. Wish I could give it 10 stars.

Thanks Zoom!"

 Lee Dempsey

"Firstly, Iím sorry for the trouble you went thru to make sure my Eyewear was absolutely perfect !!!  You are a person of your word and I may say.  These I think are the BEST glasses Iíve ever had !

Vision is great !  Happy New Year from a repeat client ! "

 Brian Walsh
"Very nice selection of frames that will suit any lifestyle and price range. Service and experience is above and beyond anything you will ever find in a chain or box store. Their knowledge base is always up to date with the latest advances and friends in vision care and eyewear.

We love Zoom!!!"

 Roger Hein
"@ZoomOptical Thank you, Monica, for my beautiful glasses! I felt very professorial at my graduation from my PhD!."
 Steph Coen
"Great selection of different styles of modern and popular frames and staffs are very professional and kind to provide advice on frame selection. Attentive for eye examination and glasses fitting service. High quality of lens with good pricing. Very happy with my new glasses.

Thanks for Zoom Optical."

 Etta Leung
"ZOOM offers the most beautiful and unique frames in Toronto. Plus you wont find better customer service anywhere but Monica.
I picked out the coolest frames. They were made even more perfect with high quality progressive lenses and a custom built nose piece for my small bridge.
I also wanted contact lenses and was impressed by the time given to me for the fitting. Monica's exceptional knowledge provided me the best lenses for my eyes to suit my purpose. In a nutshell, 10 out of 10!"

 Pat Hein
"Monica and her team are amazing and their customer service is A++. Great selection of frames as well."
 Marnie Mycroft
"Thank you so much, Monica! I am soooooooo happy with my new glasses! And I thank YOU for helping me to find just the right ones! I really appreciate all the time and attention you devoted to helping me find them! I felt that I was in very good hands with you, and you made me feel very comfortable about the purchase."
 Stephanie Coen
"Awesome service, special style and one of the kind products. Thank you for these gorgeous handcrafted and customized natural horn glasses. Thanks for Zoom optical! They are the Best!"
 Chris Chong
"I love my new frames and lenses.
My eyes had been bothering me for a long time and I could not figure out why. The long times spent in front of monitors, gadgets and reading have been wearing my eyes out and making them feel fatigued.
Glad I came back to see you for my recent pair of glasses.
I wasn't sure if progressive lenses were for me and the alternatives you showed me are wonderful."

 Ray Garces
"Monica So really knows her stuff. After years of only wearing contact lenses I switched back to glasses. Choosing the right frames and lenses was a difficult decision, but Monica made the process easy. She knew what styles would compliment my face. I would never had picked out the frames she recommended, but they were perfect for me. I wear them everyday and get compliments on them all the time. If you want great, personalized service, Zoom Optical is the place to go!."
 Susan Kronick
"Thanks again for all your help with my glasses. They feel brand new and the same-day turnaround was superfast. I went in thinking it would be a day or so.
Great work!! I always look forward to coming to Zoom Optical because I know I'll be taken care ofÖ "

Hedel Torres
"Hi Monica,
Thank you so much for taking care of my dad! He loves the glasses and lenses!"
Take care,

 Ashley Abraham
"It is always a pleasure to go to Zoom Optical for new glasses. Monica is outstanding and Zoom Optical is the best place for buying glasses. As someone who is near sighted I can rely on Monica's advice in selecting frames. The selection of frames and lenses is excellent. I am a very satisfied customer."
  Michael Humpage
York University
"I've been going to Zoom Optical for 6 years. They are always on top of trends and ready to educate you on the Manufacturers. You are guaranteed a smile and excellent service from Monica and the staff."
 Trisha Teoh
"First let me say thanks. You met my needs so efficiently and also effectively. I had few questions and didn't need to ask any really. I'm impressed with your knowledge of your products and my needs as well as the time you took to make sure I was satisfied with the product I received. You were even kind enough to help me find the right frames for my head since I was not shopping with my wife...LOL! She also was happy with the choice of frames."
  Charles Morrow
"I loved my experience with you all! Staff so friendly and sweet! Thank you for my awesome glasses that I LOVE!"
 Jot Gani
"Thank you for helping me find something complementary to my face. I really like these!"
  Sierra Trees
Thunder Bay
"Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to me about progressive contact lenses and convincing me to give it a try!
These lenses have totally changed my life. No longer do I need to wear both contact lenses and reading glasses!
I still am amazed how I can read everything around me so easily.
Monica, whatever hardships or trials you went through to become an Optician and start Zoom Optical, please know that it was absolutely worth it!
You helped me see clearly for the first time in years and this has changed my life!
You and your staff are so wonderful and inviting, I thoroughly enjoy my visits every time!
Thanks again and I will be back soon to buy new sunglasses!"

  Teresa Lingard
"If anyone is wondering what good customer service is, go to @ZoomOptical. Monica is the best."
  Jonathan Garcia-Mainou
"Great selection of stylish frames. Service is attentive and friendly offering good advice and recommendations. Glasses are more than simply how the frame looks on you and Monica was thorough in explaining the quality of the lenses. After two days, I couldn't be happier with the fit, style, comfort and clear vision. Delivery was speedy as well."
  Edwin Hew
"Having been a contact lens wearer for many years, I was somewhat hesitant to make the transition to progressive lenses for glasses. About a year ago, I discovered Zoom Optical and met Monica, the owner. After having browsed and spoken to Monica, I knew Zoom was where I would purchase my eyewear when I was ready. Monica had assuaged my fears regarding the transition to progressive lenses.
Monica is such a lovely woman with an infectious smile. She clearly loves dealing with people and she makes shopping for eyewear an enjoyable experience for all her customers. With her expert assistance, I recently selected a pair of Lindberg frames (which are extremely light in craftmanship). They are so chic with an 'understated elegance'. I am also thrilled with the quality of my Nikon lenses.
About two weeks after purchasing my Lindberg eyewear, I returned to Zoom and purchased a pair of Ete sunglasses which are so unique and exquisite in design (feathers are laminated in the frames). They are totally stunning! If you are looking for a fabulous selection of eyewear at reasonable prices and desire great customer service, head to Zoom Optical and meet Monica. You will not be disappointed."

  Donna Dunzl

"Absolutely amazing selection & service!! I keep coming back for another pair every couple of months...and always find something new that I love! Monica is amazing to deal with - she is so bubbly and truly cares about finding something special for me - something that suits me (and my personality), but also makes me look really trendy :) Love this place!"
  Stephanie Kalen
"I just wanted to send a quick 'thank-you' note your way; your professionalism and exceptional service was greatly appreciated. I was very impressed by not only the selection that Zoom Optical had to offer, but also the store set-up itself. Sophia was kind enough to suggest to me numerous pairs to what I was specifically looking for. I came across the perfect pair of glasses -- which I absolutely love! Monica was just awesome in telling me about the specific lens that I had to get, and it was just a pleasure dealing with you both.
I will definitely be recommending your fine establishment to others, and I look forward to future encounters at Zoom Optical."

  Vladimir V. Guerrero
"Thanks so much for making my reading glasses purchase such a wonderful experience at Zoom Optical. The stylish Lindberg designer glasses you helped me select from a wide assortment on display are simply awesomeÖÖlight as a feather and highly durable. Great Value, Great Customer Service !!!"
  Clark McLeod, MCR, SLCR
Vice President
CBRE Global Corporate Services
"This letter is to tell you about Monica.
I first met her while shopping for sunglasses. As a contact lens wearer, I need good protection for my eyes. She recommended a pair, and her advice was good. I have been back since, and always enjoy dealing with this bright, helpful, and personable young woman.
Zoom Optical carries premium lines of glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses at reasonable prices. I have recommended this store to friends without a second thought."

  Keith Burrows
"It has been a wonderful experience with Monica at Zoom Optical. Now I have the glasses I want. I look great and see perfectly. Her expert care is without parallel. I recommend Monica and Zoom Optical to all my friends"
  Helen Stuart
ESL teacher
"I am wearing my NEW glasses and they are wonderful!! You did an awesome job."
  Peggy MaClean
"I had a great experience and love my glasses!"
Stephanie Kalen
"I am loving my new glasses! Thank you Monica!"
Erika Clapp
"It started with a smile and has resulted with 3 pairs of glasses! Monica not only provided a replacement lens (within 3 days) for my old pair of glasses, but she pro vided me a pair of reading glasses, prescribed sunglasses and a stylish new pair of frames fit for a prince! I am running out of things to buy!!! Her focus to provide the best customer experience and service is the reason I always go back to Monica and Zoom Optical!! Keep smiling...."
  Richard Blackwood
"Right from the start, Zoom Optical has impressed me with their efficient, professional manner and an approach that inspires confidence. Optician, Monica So is always pleasant, accommodating and most importantly truly is looking after her customer's best interest. Her downtown Toronto, underground PATH location and extended hours are ideal to providing customer service for those of us with demanding work schedules. With great admiration, I highly recommend Zoom Optical as your eye care provider."
Vince c/o City of Toronto.
"Monica, Thank you for the fast service, great customer service and awesome glasses!!"            
"I love my new eyeglasses. (no headaches since I got them)"
Susan Johnston
"Monica love my New glasses. The progressive Lenses are great. I can see much clearer. Your service is No. 1. Your prices are great. I always recommend Zoom to everyone I talk to."
  Leon Benezrah
"I love my glasses and have received tons of compliments. Thanks for helping me select the right eyewear Monica!"      
  Serena Wong
"Hi Monica, I want to thank you for your help in choosing the right glasses. The lenses you recommended are great and I do not need to take my glasses off when I walk around the office and go into meetings etc. Reading and working on my laptop or computer terminal are seamless. THANK YOU! "
  Diana Ciuhandu
"Iím still smiling, Monica, and so is everyone that sees me with my new spectacles! As a very satisfied customer, I would like to thank you for helping me choose my new look. I love my Nikon lenses and they work incredibly well with the Zyoko-Inakť framesís. I would not hesitate to return to Zoom Optical and highly recommend the experience."
  Brenda Grandmaitre
"I bought from Zoom Optical because it had a very good selection of frames that were both unique in construction and design yet classic in look. I received excellent service and assistance in picking the right frames and lenses with the various options explained very clearly. I like the additional benefits of the eyeglass cleaner and the custom fitting sunglass clip-on. Overall I was extremely happy with the final product that I got."
  Mark Bonamini
Systems Manager
RBC Dexia IS
"I decided to buy from Zoom Optical because of the great and unique selection of glasses as well as excellent service from store owner, Monica. She is extremely friendly and very helpful in the style of frame that is flattering for the wearer. Monica is always very patient and never pushy in her attitude. I would rate my experience at Zoom Optical as well above expectations and have been recommending Zoom Optical to all of my friends and co-workers who wear glasses. I can truly say that Monica is the nicest salesperson you will meet and you will be very happy in your decision to buy from Zoom Optical."
  Katherine Owen
"I would like to thank-you for the exceptional service you provided to me as a first time customer. I was very pleased with my experience. You were very helpful, provided options to help me decide what eyeglasses looked the best and offering me the best quality lenses for the best price.
You are very pleasant and your energetic personality was infectious. Monica you are a prime example of 'quality and fantastic customer service'.
Keep on smiling!"

  Ida Lirangi
"I have been wearing glasses & contact lenses since I was 9 so I am in constant need of a very reliable optical and optician who knows exactly what kind of lenses would suit me best. I was so happy when I found this new store Zoom Optical which is close to my workplace and the service I get from Monica is nothing compared to the other opticals I have been to! Monica really listens to my preferences in eyeglasses and provides suggestions to match my style. I also have very dry eyes and she helped me try on different brands of contact lenses to find out which one would be most comfortable for me. I am so happy with the service and with the prescription glasses I purchased from Zoom Optical and I will surely come back here for another pair next year when I'm due for my next eye checkup."
  Christine Gutierrez, CIP
Client Representative
Marsh/Custom Risk

"How do you know that you received the best customer service ever from an Optical?? When you find yourself going out of your way referring your friends to that Optical ... This has been my experience with Zoom.
Impressed Customer.."

  Ossama Aboukeer
"Monica, thank you very much for all the wonderful service you have provided. You are awesome. I had a terrific nice pleasant experience with you on how you deal with people and most of all your concern is genuine. You rock. You always have a ready contagious smile with all the people you deal with. You treat every client nicely that is why I'm not surprise you are highly recommended by everyone. Again, thanks to you Monica. More power to ZOOM Optical."
  Leo Gomez
CTM Document Specialist
Royal Bank of Canada
"Monica @ Zoom Optical is amazing to deal with. She knew I wanted something funky and different. She provides her customers with a world wide selection because she gets her frames from all over the world which sets her apart from most other run of the mill eyewear places. You won't find her items at chain stores, that's for sure. It can be hard because she has so many different frames to that can provide different looks. But she can help you find something that will set you apart.
It certainly helps that Monica is super friendly, patient, knowledgeable and her attention to detail is top notch. She wants you to walk out excited about your new frames. I trusted her to help me pick out a frame that was different and made a bold statement.
I get comments all the time about my frames and where I got them. I love them!" "

  Ray Garces
Project Manager
Oracle Canada

"I am very happy with my new glasses- they look terrific and fit perfectly. Taking the time to customize the lenses to the shape of my face really made a difference. I'm very impressed with your high level of service, and will certainly recommend Zoom Optical to my friends and family."
  Ryan Robinson
"I am lucky to have Zoom Optical closed to where I work, but the excellent selection of modern high quality glasses are worth a much longer commute. Thanks to the expertise of Monica So I was able to purchase and maintain a great pair of glasses. I am glad to know that such a great resource exists for all my future eye care needs."
  Ricky Hernden
Senior Research Analyst
Canada CB Richard Ellis

"I was very impressed by Zoom Optical. They have a great selection & it was easy finding the perfect frames for me. The service I received was top-notch. It had been awhile since I got new glasses & the was completely satisfied with the eye exam & with my selection of frames."
  Lance Rolph

"The location of Zoom Optical directly across from the escalators in the building with its modern catchy appearance caught my eye. Once inside the service was prompt, cheerful and always helpful. The experience exceeded my expectations. I am completely satisfied with my glasses and would recommend Zoom Optical to anyone wishing to purchase glasses of any type."
  Stephen J. Messinger
Barristers & Solicitors
"My teenage son had just lost his brand new prescription glasses and I was stressed shopping around trying to replace it. That is when I came across Zoom Optical! The wide range and flexibility of service and great customer service was almost too good to be true. I had a lot of restrictions to work around and Monica was able to address all of them. I was able to replace my sonís glasses at a great price in record time, and he actually liked them better than the first pair he lost!!!!!
Thank you Monica!!!!"

  Very satisfied customer
Eileen Smith
"Zoom Optical is a great place to go for your optical needs. Monica So, proprietor and optician, is helpful, friendly and professional, always looking after the customer's best interest. Zoom has a great selection of frames and contact lenses, all reasonably priced. I would recommend anyone and everyone to Zoom Optical."
  Kathy Clanfield
Transcripts Officer, Investigations
Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada
"I wear graduated lenses and to find the right ones that I could wear all day and work with, was a challenge, including 3 trips to a leading eyeware company who failed to get it right. But Monica offered me the best options regarding lenses with affordable price points. Zoom also had my glasses ready in a timely fashion.
I highly recommend Zoom Optical for personal and professional eye care."

  John Corcelli
CBC Radio, Toronto
"I have been looking at glasses for at least two months until I dropped in to take a look at Zoom Optical.
After Monica presented a number of frames and frame-less glasses I was very impress with the LINDBERG frames. The glasses were very comfortable, and so was the price compared to other companies. I was very concerned about the weight of the glasses, but I was assured they would be light weight and comfortable to wear.
Thanks to Monica at Zoom Optical."

  Anthony Daniel
"As a happy customer, I would like to drop you a quick note. I picked up my new pair of eyeglasses (Mykita Lite "Mats" with Essilor 1.74 lens) about a week ago. The frame fits the shape of my face very well and the lens are so thin & light. Thanks for your professional advice and service. I do not hesitate recommending your service to my friends and colleagues."
  John Mok, Manager
Group Risk Management - Credit
Royal Bank of Canada
"I had acquired a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses from elsewhere. Unfortunately, I subsequently broke one of the arms of the frame and after returning to the place of purchase I was told that there was nothing they could do to repair the frame. I happened to visit Zoom Optical and was pleasantly surprised when I was told that the frames could in fact be repaired. A couple of days later, I was able to collect my repaired sunglasses that had been professionally repaired at a very reasonable cost. Needless to say, I was most pleased with the courteous, professional and efficient service provided by Zoom Optical."
  Richard Fitt, FCIP
Aon Benfield Canada ULC